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Veyron Pax Founder of 'GR00ND' is an Iranian - American  Award Winning multidisciplinary Artist, Filmmaker, Human rights activist currently based in Washington D.C.  

For Pax, the digital collages are a manifestation of his journey and new life in the United States. He distorts reflections in to celestial beings and bodies are transported into a futuristic world.

They are fantasies, dreams of America pre-immigration, and his continued belief in light creates a world somewhere in between his own ideal and the grim reality projected by others. he escaped from Iran when he was 19 years old, trying to find a new life without all the discrimination against him as a queer artist.


The collection of “DIVISION” is 17 pieces of digital collages that Pax have made during his asylum from 2012 to 2017. He always dreamed about coming to America and live a free life thus he was always fantasizing the world outside of his oppressive country.


The 17 images are a combination of his perspectives, visions with the reality that he faced when he got out of Iran. for each work Pax have mixed several photos of reality that he took with his fantasy which comes  from his Multimedia skills. creating a whole new vision based on reality and his thoughts. each work of art is only a series of 10 and that is why because Pax wants his audience and art supporters to be as close as possible to his collection “DIVISION” because of its personal nature.

The “DIVISION” collection consists of 17 pieces of digital collages that he made during his asylum from 2012 to 2017. 

Pax always dreamed of coming to America and living a free life.  


Pax solely combines his original, realistic photos with a fantasy twist creating his unique perspective.



Veyron Pax (Gr00nd Studio) 

Born in 1992 Kermanshah, Iran.




2019-ART GALA ChaShama-One World Trade Center NYC

2019-Private Exhibit DC Dupont Circle

2018-Art All Night Washington DC NW 

2018-RAW Artists Washington DC- The Howard Theater NW 

2017-Art Basel Art Spectrum Fair 2017 – Miami, FL 

2017-Dupont Circle Art Walk – Washington D.C.

2016-ART Partment - curated by Blair Russell – Miami, FL 

2016-Wilton Manor Art Expo – Ft. Lauterdale, FL


"Shala, Experiment the world in me!" 2017

2019-Winner-Best Video Art at the ESMoA Video Art & Film Festival-California

2019-First Time Filmmaker Festival-NYC

2019- International Moving Film Festival- Iran 

"Why We Ran from Iran" 2015

2016-KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival– INDIA

Lower East Side Film Festival – New York NY 

2018-The Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival Pinewood Studios.

2015-Comic Book Cosplay Art Film Festival-NYC

2015-Miami Independent Film Festival

2017-MCNY Film Festival-60 West Street NYC

2016- Grand IndieWise Convention-Grand IndieWise Convention Miami, Florida

2018-Farhang Foundation Film Festival 2018-Shanghai PRIDE Film Festival-Shanghai 

2019-First Time Filmmaker Session-NYC

2019-LGBTQ Short Film Festival-Missoula, MT



“Dizziness” 2017 a film by Saman Amiri


“Why We Ran from Iran”2015 Film by Veyorn Pax


“Madam Secretary” 2016 Season 3 


“The Good Wife” 2016 season 4


“The Younger” 2016 


“Open Door Acting Class” 2015-2017 off Broadway Shows-Open Door Acting Studio NYC.

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Veyron Pax

"Gr00nd's Landlord!

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